Stu`s Double Jeopardy!

Stu`s Double Jeopardy! Stu`s Double Jeopardy allows anyone to create and play Jeopardy easily! Jeopardy is different. Firstly it’s all about teamwork - Jeopardy can be played by up to 6 teams! So, once you’ve split your class up into the desired number of teams, select a Jeopardy Quiz to play. Now, imagine this game board filling an IWB. The teacher or a student is the M.C. or host. Select a dollar-value in a category to see the question panel. Keep score automatically by pressing [tick] or [cross] against each team as they answer the

LearningSquared v2.0: Create and play your own jeopardy style gameshow presentation
LearningSquared v2.0

Create and play your own jeopardy style game show presentation - in the classroom, boardroom or living room! Packed with new features and improvements. LearningSquared! V2.0 makes it easier than ever for you to make learning fun! LearningSquared! is a great way to liven up any presentation and help your audience retain knowledge. Easy to create your own games based on your own topics. $20 Educator Discount.

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Bio-Hazard Battle 1.0: It is a horizontally scrolling space shooter.
Bio-Hazard Battle 1.0

It is a horizontally scrolling space shooter.An army of biogenetic mutants has gone haywire, terrorizing the world and putting the future of the planet in jeopardy. You can choose one of the four ships, each one having its own attacks. During the game, you can upgrade your ships` weapons by collecting colored balls floating around. You can store up to three different weapons at the same time, executing attacks in different directions.

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QBuild 3.70

QBuild is an Education/Entertainment software that allows you to design and play quizzes. With QBuild you can create quizzes containing simple text questions - True or False, Multiple Choice, or Single answer - , or questions featuring Pictures, Photographs, Sound, and even Video. You can then play your quiz in the popular jeopardy style using one of the four supplied themes or a theme you have created with the software.

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Quizical: Extreme Trivia 1.0: The most entertaining Quiz game on earth. Laugh as Bing mocks your answers.
Quizical: Extreme Trivia 1.0

The most entertaining Quiz game on earth. Laugh as Bing mocks your answers. Thwart your competitors. Beat your friends. Marvel at the 275 questions. Set the timer to see how many questions you can answer in 5 seconds. 275 Questions or 25 in the Unregistered version. Standard Mode Timed Standard Mode Jeopardy Mode 1 or 2 Players Help Highscore table Load and Save Compatible with all mobile devices capable of running Java.

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